Aiming for a page of supplementary material for each Lectio – there are 80 in Book 1, so it may take me Some Time!

For full copies of the text, see Cercle Latin’s Resources. The reprints by Mediatrix Press are nice, but lack the accent marks. I really like having the accent marks in there, like in Latin Missals.

  1. Lectio Prima
  2. Lectio Secunda
  3. Lectio Tertia
  4. Lectio Quarta plus a printable copy of the Exam after Lesson 4: post4

Here’s an online version of the Exam after Lesson 4:

Once you’ve studied Lectio Prima, Secunda, Tertia and Quarta, then it’s time for a test!

So far the activities have given you the answers and encouraged you to try again. This time see if you can get them all right first time!

Translating verbs – for plural verbs use “they”, for singular verbs, just give the verb, for example:

  • viderunt – they saw
  • expulit – expelled

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  1. Lectio Quinta
  2. Lectio Octava plus a printable Exam for after Lesson 8: post8