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Monday Morning

Getting back into the swing of things. This morning we tackled Lectio Nova from Latin by

More wars: Samnites and Pyrrhus

All the short histories of Rome skip to the Punic Wars, so I wanted to read

Ancient Rome – government

We read chapters 7 and 8 of Charlotte Yonge’s book Young Folk’s History of Rome. This

Divine praises

We usually pray the Divine Praises as well. While they aren’t in Fr Caswall’s book I’ll

Benediction Conclusion

We have looked at: O salutaris Hostia the lesson Litaniae Beatae Mariae Virginis part 1 part

Adoremus in aeternum

As the Blessed Sacrament is returned to the tabernacle and the priest and servers prepare to

Tantum ergo – part 1

This hymn usually comes right before the actual Blessing of the Blessed Sacrament – or Benediction

Litany of Our Lady – part 3

Now we’re up to the last part of the Litany. I’ll treat the collect separately. There

Litany of Our Lady – part 2

Continuing on from part one. We’ve gone through the beginning and we just finished all the

Litany of Our Lady – part 1

This is a really long one! I’ll cut it up into three parts—no strict reason for