Getting the hang of it

To create a new course, you get into the dashboard and look down the left hand side for Namaste! LMS. That should have a sub-menu item Courses which will give you the option to add new Courses.

The easiest way to make a new Lesson is to … I think it is to make a new Quiz, but I haven’t tried it yet. Make sure you give the quiz the name you want for the new lesson.

You can set assignments and quizzes that need to be satisfied in order to complete the lesson.

I’ve set three default grades:

  1. Perfect Score = 100%
  2. Excellent >= 82%
  3. Satisfactory >= 51%
  4. Not so hot

Sorry, that’s four – I can’t count.

It looks like it might be easier to have smaller, more specific courses. Having a course on a particular book might be handy – maybe something from the Narnia Chronicles?

And we can write posts as we go to document how we found the process of writing online courses.

Lessons are under the Namaste LMS menu. Posts are different. Pages are different again.

I haven’t tried the Tutorials yet.

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