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I came across LifterLMS and it look much slicker than Namaste! though it doesn't really do as much. It looks like the more WatuPro quizzes I add here, the slower the website will work. I'm wondering if H5P would be less resource-hungry, but not sure how to test that out apart from manually migrating all ...continue reading "More ideas – and a new quiz"

It's a funny thing to study - so much misinformation! We have Karl Adam's Roots of the Reformation plus Cobbet's book and R H Benson's historical novels. Also a short life of St Thomas More. The Librivox recordings of Come Rack Come Rope are unfortunately difficult to understand in the car, so there goes that ...continue reading "Term 2 2016 – The Reformation"

Continuing from Greece, now we're moving along to looking at Ancient Rome. So far we've read a few chapters from Young Folks' History of Rome by Charlotte Yonge. Yesterday we had a brief overview of the Kings of Rome: The accounts that have come down are probably embellished to make for a more entertaining story ...continue reading "Ancient Rome"

I like Watu Pro a lot, but I also like github hosted static websites. There's Hotpotatoes for making javascript quizzes, but it is old and stale and Windows based. So when I saw H5P, I thought it was worth trying out, although it also seems to be tied into WordPress or Drupal. Here's a demo ...continue reading "H5P – hmmm"

V. Panem de caelo praestitisti eis. (T.P. Alleluia) R. Omne delectamentum in se habentem. (T.P. Alleluia) Oremus: Deus, qui nobis sub sacramento mirabili, passionis tuae memoriam reliquisti: tribue, quaesumus, ita nos corporis et sanguinis tui sacra mysteria venerari, ut redemptionis tuae fructum in nobis iugiter sentiamus. Qui vivis et regnas in saecula saeculorum. R. Amen. ...continue reading "Tantum ergo part 3"

Here is the English by Rev Caswall To the everlasting Father, And the Son Who reigns on high With the Holy Spirit proceeding Forth from each eternally, Be salvation, honor blessing, Might and endless majesty. The word BENEDICTION is made of BENE = good/well and DICERE = to speak. So to bless is to speak ...continue reading "Tantum ergo part 2"

Writing lessons as blog posts + quizzes seems to be the way to go for now. Later these lessons can be arranged into Namaste lessons if need be. There are a few handy ways to structure a course out of the disparate lessons. One is to make the availability of a quiz depend on completing ...continue reading "Collecting quizzes"

A thought for this evening - does the lesson and course structure part make it more difficult. The other way is to just post posts and use quizzes. There isn't a way to submit assignments like that, though that could be done by email or contact form. The Namaste LMS assignment system is a bit ...continue reading "Does the lesson system make things more difficult?"

To create a new course, you get into the dashboard and look down the left hand side for Namaste! LMS. That should have a sub-menu item Courses which will give you the option to add new Courses. The easiest way to make a new Lesson is to ... I think it is to make a ...continue reading "Getting the hang of it"