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About Patrick Brandt

I like STAR WARS, reptiles, robots, wind, archery, and church music. I built my own webpage from blank, and I have been writing comic books for years. I also like being in the forest. especially if it is a mountain forest. I live in the Blue Mountains suburb of Woodford. The Blue Mountains is a mountain forest.

The Aborigines thought that the white people were gone for good, but that was not the case. In 1787, the First Fleet, led by Arthur Phillip, set out from Britain on a long voyage to Australia. When they arrived in 1788, the Aborigines probably saw it as a second invasion, this time with more people. ...continue reading "The First Fleet"

This is a really long one! I'll cut it up into three parts—no strict reason for the division, just to make it easier to handle. First part The Greek bits: Testing google fonts Then the rest is in Latin: Phew! That's enough for now. You can write these on paper as you did before. Maybe ...continue reading "Litany of Our Lady – part 1"