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Where do I start? I grew up reading hymnbooks and music books for fun. We always had a piano and I knew enough to decode tunes from the piles of music which grew close by. I would be leafing through books of anthems, lieder, pop music and anything else. A fairly sizeable chunk was in ...continue reading "Interlinear texts"

Benediction from Chapter 1 of Fr Caswall's Catholic Latin Instructor. O salutaris Hostia Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary Tantum ergo the collect Exercises arranged by parts of speech: Preposition and Noun. Agreement of Adjective, &c., with Noun. Genitive Case after Noun. Nominative Case before Verb. Accusative Case after Verb. Dative Case. The idea is ...continue reading "CLI Benediction"

To take some words of Fr. Martin Joseph Kerney: Before studying the history of other countries, we should become well acquainted with the history of our own. For it would be a great shame for our little readers, if they were able to relate all the events, that have taken place in Greece and Rome, ...continue reading "Australian History"

To create a new course, you get into the dashboard and look down the left hand side for Namaste! LMS. That should have a sub-menu item Courses which will give you the option to add new Courses. The easiest way to make a new Lesson is to ... I think it is to make a ...continue reading "Getting the hang of it"

As a first course, how about History - such a huge subject. And should be something that can be added to and filled out over time.