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Writing lessons as blog posts + quizzes seems to be the way to go for now. Later these lessons can be arranged into Namaste lessons if need be. There are a few handy ways to structure a course out of the disparate lessons. One is to make the availability of a quiz depend on completing ...continue reading "Collecting quizzes"

This is a really long one! I'll cut it up into three parts—no strict reason for the division, just to make it easier to handle. First part The Greek bits: Testing google fonts Then the rest is in Latin: Phew! That's enough for now. You can write these on paper as you did before. Maybe ...continue reading "Litany of Our Lady – part 1"

Martin Joseph Kerney writes a great outline of history in A Compendium of Ancient and Modern History. The quotes below all come from that book. If you'd like to read the rest, I have made a newly typeset excerpt here. AMONG the various nations of antiquity, Greece deservedly holds the most distinguished rank, both for ...continue reading "Ancient Greece"

A thought for this evening - does the lesson and course structure part make it more difficult. The other way is to just post posts and use quizzes. There isn't a way to submit assignments like that, though that could be done by email or contact form. The Namaste LMS assignment system is a bit ...continue reading "Does the lesson system make things more difficult?"

Where do I start? I grew up reading hymnbooks and music books for fun. We always had a piano and I knew enough to decode tunes from the piles of music which grew close by. I would be leafing through books of anthems, lieder, pop music and anything else. A fairly sizeable chunk was in ...continue reading "Interlinear texts"