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Collecting quizzes

Writing lessons as blog posts + quizzes seems to be the way to go for now. Later these lessons can be arranged into Namaste lessons if need be.

There are a few handy ways to structure a course out of the disparate lessons. One is to make the availability of a quiz depend on completing earlier quizzes, then a certificate can be applied to the successful completion of the last quiz.

The badges facility from the Play plugin can give a badge for completing all the quizzes in a certain section to a certain level.

Badge(5)For example, have a historian badge for completing

The Persian Empire

Captain Cook

Ancient Greece

the First Fleet

Here is a list of all the quizzes right now:

The Ten Plagues of Egypt

The Persian Empire

Captain Cook

O salutaris Hostia

Ancient Greece

Litany quiz

Litany quiz part 2

Litany quiz part 3

Tantum Ergo part 1

the First Fleet

Tantum Ergo part 2

Tantum ergo - part 3

Benediction Final Exam

Adoremus in aeternum

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